Couples Experiences

Something we hear about all the time is that weddings, which are designed to bring couples together actually become all consuming in the planning process and pull you both in a thousand directions. Sooo we have come up with three experiences for you and your partner to help you enjoy some time together , getting yourselves looking your best , relaxing and most importantly  have some fun before your wedding day! Treat yourselves to some time away from the stress of it all and plan some together time while creating memories that last a lifetime with our mobile artists and experts coming right to the comfort of your home.

We offer Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Continue reading below to learn more details on each of our experiences and chose which one is best suited for you.

Chose Your Experience


Our Gold Couples Experience is a cross between looking good and relaxing. WIth a massage in the comfort of your home with champagne to getting your smile brightened with your partner… the best combo.


Our Platinum Couples Experience is designed with our couples in mind who want some time together before their wedding day to relax, while matching in their pinterest worthy wedding sweatshirts and robes drinking champagne to celebrate.


Our Diamond Couples Experience is designed with looking great in mind …with 6 months of fitness and nutrition coaching for our couples they are sure to turn heads on their wedding day with their new looks ,while doing so they also will be showing off their new dance moves learned from our mobile dance instructor for our couples first dance. 

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