How to write a maid of honour speech 


One of the first things that likely comes to mind when you get the blessing of becoming the maid of honour for your best friend’s wedding is the maid of honour speech you must prepare for the wedding. This can be both daunting and extremely exciting, as you get to share some of your most favourite, embarrassing, emotional, and entertaining stories about the bride. 

With that being said, let’s cover some of the best tips to prepare a bride’s maid speech that will hit all the emotions: tears, laughter, joy, nostalgia and love. 



Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your speech. This is something that you don’t want to leave to the last minute. I am sure some memories stand out more than others, but some may come to you days after beginning your speech that you don’t want to leave out. Save a note on your phone that you can easily go to, to write down memories as they come and add them to the speech during moments you’re feeling inspired to write. 



Begin the contents of your speech by introducing yourself and your relation to the bride. It is also a good idea to include here a thank-you to all of the people who helped make this special day come to life. In addition, you can briefly touch on In your relation to the husband/significant other, how you met them and your first memories of them together. Taking people back to the beginning of the relationship really helps to paint a beautiful picture of how the love blossomed. 



After the initial introduction, the next body of the speech should focus on talking about the bride, stories about them you love, some of their best attributes, and memories you have shared together. You can go back to stories of early friendship, why the two of you have such a special bond, times you have had silly but hilarious disagreements, and definitely embarrassing memories you have of the bride, or of the two of you together. Don’t forget to have fun with the speech!



Share stories/memories about the groom/significant other. This will show support and love for their relationship, and solidify the bond the couple had built prior to marriage. Perhaps you witnessed the love unfold while helping your best friend prepare for their first date, the do-tells after their initial dates, and the feelings the bride had while getting to know her spouse. 



Speeches are such a fun part of the wedding, but it is important to consider keeping them timely, as everyone is likely in the mood to celebrate and dance! Speeches should be around 5 minutes long. To end the speech, it is always a great idea to make a toast! Something along the lines of “Please raise your glasses in honour of the newlyweds! May their love for each other grow with each day and best wishes for a life of happiness!”. 


There you go bridesmaid! Get excited to start planning your speech. This is going to be such a magical and fun evening, so don’t stress, and remember to enjoy the process, make memories, and celebrate the day! 

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XO Marissa From NV Bridal