The excitement of your wedding is over, and you and your significant other finally get to kick back, relax, and enjoy your first few memories as newlyweds. 

We know planning a wedding was crazy enough, so we wanted to take the stress and mental-fatigue away as much as possible to help you plan your ultimate honeymoon. 




Firstly, it is important to know what your partner likes to do while travelling. Are they an adventure seeker, are they content with being a beach bum and totally chillaxing, or are you both foodies who love to explore the local cuisine and visit extravagant scenery? 

No matter your preferences, we have a variety of some of our favourite destinations that we think will be a guarantee win-win for the both of you:


  • St. Lucia
  • Greece 
  • Bali
  • Maldives 
  • Iceland 
  • Hawaii




It is important to remember that once the honeymoon is over, “real-life” begins. One of the worst things you could do after a pricy wedding is put you and your significant other in a financially stressed state from an over-done honeymoon. It is important to consider that prices will be different based on peak seasons and off-seasons. However, if you do choose to save money and go during an off-season, the weather, festivities, and social aspect may not be as lively. Cutting prices may also mean cutting convenience. Make sure you do your research and look at reviews before booking! Lower prices may mean less than ideal locations from main attractions and unfavourable weather. 




Planning each day of your trip, or even simply the first day upon arrival can take a lot of stress off yourselves. You don’t want to leave the honeymoon feeling like you didn’t properly allocate the time to do any excursions, site seeings, dinner reservations or events. Grabbing a guidebook can also be useful to plan or lookup any restaurants, maps, or attractions that you may not have access to discover if you don’t have wifi in your potentially remote location. 




Does the location you’re going require you to have a visa?

Will you be visiting attractions that have beautiful landscapes that binoculars would be useful for?

Will you need a power adapter for your electronics?

Are you a photography lover? A professional style camera is a great idea!

Do you like to snorkel?

Have you made copies of your passports, travel insurance, immunization records, and booking confirmations? 

Aside from some of these unique items, making a standard packing list of basic necessities is also a great idea. We don’t want you to forget anything important that could add stress to your trip!


STEP 5: Don’t forget to enjoy as much alone time with each other on the trip as possible!


It is a great idea to get out and do fun things together while meeting locals and fellow travellers, however, this is also a very important time for you and your significant other to really get to know each other and feel comfortable with all aspects of each other. Be sure to be mindful of scheduling down time each day, and/or allocate one or two evenings to have a romantic night with just the two of you.

We hope these 5 tips helped ease some of the stress that comes along with the entire pre and post wedding ‘mayhem’, as some might call it. We also hope these tips help to direct your focus when planning your honeymoon, and remind you to enjoy this special time with your significant other, while not breaking the bank!


Much love

XO Marissa from NV Bridal Société.