As a bride to be, you’re likely feeling a lot of pressure to look like the absolute best version of yourself on your wedding day, which is totally understandable! You pick out the perfect dress, hairstyle, makeup and venue, but nothing completes your look more than the confidence you feel and radiate when you’re comfortable and happy in your own skin.

It is not uncommon for brides to be to take extreme, and often unhealthy measures to reach their ideal weight in order to fit into their wedding dress. However, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I have learned from many years experience that the best way to lose body fat and get the body you desire is with consistency, the proper diet for your goals and body’s needs, and small but meaningful changes over time. 

With that, I wanted to share 3 nutrition tips that you can use to help you fit into your dress, but most importantly, to feel confident and happy as you enjoy your special day! 


There is nothing cute about feeling or looking bloated, and I’m sure we’ve all been there! When I work with clients, digestion is one of the first areas I address with them because digestion alone is going to impact so many other factors of weight loss and metabolism. Your hormones are affected by digestion, even your hunger, mood, your ability to extract the nutrients from your food, how much fat your store, and of course your body weight are all impacted by digestive health. 

So what can you do to improve digestion? I recommend starting your morning with a gut-supporting greens drink! My favourite greens powder to use is by @paleoethics because it is free of common digestive irritants and allergens such as gluten, dairy and soy. It is also free from cheap fillers which can be aggravating to the digestive tract like wheat grass. This formula will help to alkalinize the body, detoxify the liver, promote the flow of bile from our liver and gallbladder for better fat digestion, and provide our thyroid function (master gland of metabolism) with the iodine it needs to increase energy levels and promote weight loss! 

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Green tea has been long studied for its amazing health benefits. Green tea contains both Carnatic extract and Gymnemic acid which reduce the absorption of sugar into the blood. This, therefore, helps to stabilize our blood sugar levels, helps to reduce the effects of insulin and can lessen cravings for sweets. I recommend pairing a green tea with a high protein breakfast such as a veggie omelette, protein pancakes or overnight protein oats to further improve blood sugar balance and help bust cravings later in the day.

Green tea also enhances the activity of amylase, a carbohydrate-specific digestive enzyme and therefore moves foods more quickly through the digestive system at an enhanced metabolic rate. This will allow for better digestion and will help to reduce bloating! 

Try swapping out your morning coffee or afternoon espresso for a lovely warm green tea a few times per week.


The way you start your morning has the power to set the tone for the rest of your day. Not only will food affect your ability to lose weight, but food also has a major impact on our mood and energy levels. If we are feeding ourselves properly, we are more likely to be happy, motivated and willing to make better choices later in the day. NV Bridal Société meal plans offer brides TONS of recipes, including delicious breakfast recipes that can be made ahead of time and ready for wakeup, or a grab-and-go breakfast if need be. 

With that, I wanted to share an example of the types of recipes you can expect with the NV meal plans. This recipe takes 5 minutes of prep, provides 3 servings to cover you for almost half the week and requires 9 simple ingredients. 

1 cup
Almonds (raw)
1/2 cup
Pumpkin Seeds (raw)
1 tbsp
Ground Flax Seed
2 tbsps
Chia Seeds
1 1/2 cups
Unsweetened Almond Milk
1/4 Tsp
Cinnamon (ground)
3 tbsps
Pomegranate Seeds
3 tbsps
Cacao Nibs
3 tbsps
Almond Butter

Add the almonds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds to a blender and process until almost ground. Transfer to a large glass jar along with the chia seeds, almond milk and cinnamon. Place in the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours. In the morning, divide into jars and top with pomegranate seeds, cacao nibs, and almond butter. Enjoy hot or cold!

Macros and calories: 

591 calories per serving 

49 g fat

26 g carbs

21 g protein 

4g sugar

16g fibre 

Remember, when it comes to weight loss and making long term improvements to your health, there really is no quick fix or magic diet pill. Getting yourself on a proper diet plan for your distinct needs, will allow you to feel nourished, help prevent feelings of deprivation, improve digestion, and keep your skin glowing! 

At NV Bridal Société, we offer nutrition packages formulated by myself, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who understands what it takes to lose weight while maintaining health! I will provide you with meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and tons of lifestyle strategies you can take to optimize your health, waistline and overall vitality for your wedding day, and hopefully years to come!

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