Valentine’s day is a day for celebrating love and creating memories with your significant other that will last a lifetime. Whether you are staying in together or enjoying a romantic night out, we wanted to share with you some romantic gift ideas for your future husband.


1. If there is one thing we know men love, that is you, and food/drinks! So why not get customized coasters for the coffee table!? Small reminders of love on sports nights or cozy nights spent together, coasters for your home go well with both! Customize them with a picture of the two of you, the location where you first met, your favourite quotes, or even 5 of the top reasons why your man is the love of your life. This is a gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

2. I don’t know about your future hubby, but if I were to guess I would say he falls into the category of men who ALWAYS need new boxers or briefs. I don’t know if it is just me, but I kid you not that I have dated men who hang onto their boxers like it is their last Dorito in the bag.

Let’s help our men out with this one ladies, and get him some Valentine’s Day intimates. What better way to show a man you love him then to stock his underwear drawer with reminders of love? Top it off with a matching set for yourself and surprise him with a nice night. 😉

3. Okay maybe it is just me, but I am a huge sucker for a good coffee mug. A Valentine’s Day coffee mug, complete with a love note written on it is one of the best ways to remind your husband why he is the love of your life. Throw in some of his favourite chocolates and you’ll have a perfect, simple gift for your love!

4. Okay, this one might not be magical, but I think a portable speaker is a fantastic gift to get your future hubby. Think of all the times this mini but powerful gift could come in handy? Picnics on the beach with your love, subtle background noise while you cook dinner, in your room playing a romantic soundtrack on your honeymoon, or even while you have company over while you enjoy the bliss of marriage. Whatever the occasion, this is the gift that can literally play the sound of a heartbeat to remind your man that you truly love him.

5. What better way to make your man more kissable and lovable than by gifting him with a shaving set for Valentine’s Day? Shaving sets are perfect for washing away dirt from your hard-working man, moisturizing and protecting his skin, and leaving him feeling super-smooth for you both to enjoy. In conjunction, seamless addition to this gift would be treating your man to our Master Barber service at NV Bridal Société prior to your wedding day. Set your man up with a professional and stunning straight razor shave or fade to prepare him for your wedding day.

We hope these gift ideas give you inspiration and excitement to spread love with your future husband!

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